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ProFound Elite Hockey Training

ProFound Elite Hockey Training

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Pro Coaches, Trainers, Developers and Mentors! 

With playing experience in Midget AAA,  Prep, NCAA, ECHL, France’s Ligue Magnus, Sweden’s Allsvenskan, Austria’s EBEL, and The Champions Hockey League, we are now approaching the end of our careers, so we are extremely motivated to share our knowledge & expertise with the next generation of hockey players. We’ve taken what we’ve learned and experienced, while adding what we found most beneficial, in order to provide a player with the tools they need to bring their game to the next level. 

Last summer (2021)we worked exclusively with professional and elite junior players. However, we now work with younger players and help them develop. Check our schedule to view our upcoming sessions!

Our Coaches


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Our aim is to make you as fast with the puck as you are without it. We’ll allow you to develop skills that give you the ability to handle the puck like Patrick Kane, and wind it up across the ice like Matt Barzal to come downhill on defensemen with speed. We’ll give you the tools for you to feel confident skating patterns that you will be able to execute with ease in games. We like to focus on both the forward’s strengths and weaknesses, in order to make each individual a more well rounded player. Our coaches have the ability to have you train using bridges, cones and fake d men , but are also able to demonstrate and focus on skills that are developed with absolutely no tools/cones whatsoever on the ice.

Sy Nutketvitch


Defensemen are changing these days and the game has evolved in our favour. Every coach’s mentality is different, but why should we only work on forward’s offensive ability? Deception is Key! We want to make defensemen confident enough to be able to take calculated risks in all zones of the ice. “F4” (fourth forward) is now a real thing and all five players on the ice are becoming interchangeable. We want our defensemen to be comfortable moving up into the offensive zone and make them a threat every time they have the puck on the blue line. We will make players confident to be offensively active so that they can make plays with the puck, while keeping them in position to shut down opposing players. We followed skating patterns of players like Quinn Hughes, John Carlson, Cale Makar, and more to be able to work on making you a player that every coach wants on their roster.

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Kyle Hardy

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